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One of the best selling: CISS Ink System for HP920 / HP364 (4 cartridges)

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A while ago, i explained what the CISS was and why purchasing it would be a great investment. Long story short, CISS stands for "continuous ink supply system" and it's the best and the most economic alternative for the regular black & white and color printing.

Now it's time to assess and analyse the customers' preference based on the sales numbers. The undisputed leader is the CISS Ink System for HP920 / HP364 (4 cartridges). The first explanation for the customers' choice  would be the fact that this CISS  Ink System for HP printers is compatible with various models of modern printers and all in one devices like HP Officejet 6000 / 6500 / 7000 and the Photosmart B109 / B110 / B209 / B210. That is the major aspect that made it the best selling CISS Ink System.

Secondly, the CISS Ink System for HP printers has successfully answered many of the needs that small entrepreneurs have, starting with the economical aspect, efficiency, quality, handling, maintenance.

Last, but not least, photography fans must also be very pleased with the Photosmart printers using the CISS Ink System for HP920 / HP364 (4 cartridges), since the quality of the images is pretty much astonishing! However, that may also have pushed them forward and decided to use the more complex, the more sophisticated CISS Ink System for HP364 (5 cartridges). The difference between the two is that, besides the usual Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black cartridges, the CISS Ink System for HP364 (5 cartridges) has an extra Photo Black cartridge.

No matter what you need a printer for, the CISS Ink System would make your life a whole lot easier. The team is always ready to answer whatever questions you may have, so contact them at  

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  1. HP 364 is really one of the best selling cartridges for the HP brand and also for almost all printer brands. They give great printing quality to the printers that uses these cartridges.


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