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The new Canon Pixma iP4950

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A few days ago i presented the CISS Ink System for HP printers, but that doesn't mean that Canon left its customers with no surprise. The new Canon Pixma iP4950 is out and there's no doubt it will be preferred because of the improvements that have been made.

Don't let yourself be fooled by the appearance, as it looks quite similar to her older sister - the iP4850, a model that's on top of the best selling Canon printers. Actually, these two are pretty different, as the new iP4950 tries to cover more of the customers' requirements, as follows:
- as it keeps the reliability of the older model, the new one will be just as dependable and helpful, if not even more than that
- automatic two face printing and also printing directly from a digital camera, while the print quality is nothing less than flawless
- flexibility in using different paper types or formats as it has two paper trays
- one of my own personal favorite aspects: it can print on CDs and DVDs!

All of these being looked over, i have yet to get to the main point, the main advantage this new model has: it's excellently compatible with a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS). First thing that comes to mind is definitely the economical aspect, as installing the CISS Ink System for Canon would help you save a lot of money.

In addition, the new generation of CISS Ink System for Canon Pixma iP4950 / iP4850 / MG5250 / iX6550 comes with resettable chips included, so that means the installation would pretty much be a piece of cake! Nevertheless, if you still find it troublesome, The team is always happy to assist you.

As always, i've saved the best for last: the new Canon Pixma iP4950 comes at a competitive price, just like the CISS Ink System for Canon Pixma iP4950 / iP4850 / MG5250 / iX6550 , but that will be left for you to find out, as i'm afraid you'll have to double check it to believe it!

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